3 Reasons To Work With Internet Consultants

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An important distinction must be made between building a website, and creating an online company by understanding the difference between a website design company, and a true internet consulting firm.

Internet consulting has been on the rise over the past couple of years for quite a few reasons. People with business ideas and business owners in general have needs that go beyond the design and development of a website. They need a CTO who specializes in the Internet. They need a partner who truly wants their business to succeed and will do everything in their power to make this happen.

True Internet Consultancies, like WeSpotlight, specialize in building Internet companies, not just websites.

3 Reasons to Work With An Internet Consultant

Reason 1 – Get The Website You Need, Not the Website You Want

Most legit web development firms will build you a website that looks and functions pretty well. Prices for this service alone can vary from $1,500 for a simple site, to upwards of $100,000 for a high requirements site (some high end firms don’t even take prcroojects for under $25,000).

However, most companies will not build you a website that is capable of achieving all of your Internet goals. Business owners and Chief Revenue Officers and they are often times the people making Internet business decisions for their company, and their goals are almost always to facilitate the growth of the company and build a new revenue stream.

Most clients don’t know what they want before a website gets built, only that it should reflect who they and what their business is. A complete website from a consultants POV is one that achieves corporate goals, and nothing else. For example, strategic placement of calls to action can be more important than any other element for certain websites, something that clients typically overlook.

The average site visitor will stay on any website for 8 seconds, and then leave. Why? ADHD, lack of interest, and even dare I say, confusion of what is going on and where to go. The first section of any website (above the fold) needs to have one to ­three specific calls to action which prompt the user where to go. If the site visitor decides not to go to these pages, fine, but they should be able to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and meet other calls to action along the way, prompting their behavior, and getting exactly what it is that you want out of them.

That is, conversions! Sign up, register now, purchase a product, read a blog – whatever the conversion is, the end goal should be to help the client’s business grow. A true internet consultant will make this happen for any small business website, corporate, or startup website.

Reason 2 – Work With a Company That Has Experience Building Internet Based Companies

What business owners and entrepreneurs don’t need is a firm that is exclusively experienced in building amazing websites. Sure that is necessary, but what a true small business or startup needs is a firm that has experience creating and launching Internet businesses and startups and a track record of success. This is especially true for Ecommerce website design, or I should really say this is especially true for starting an Ecommerce business.

Ask the companies you are vetting out for your next web based project if they have any experience in helping companies achieve their goals, outside of technology teams. Then, ask for proof. Often times people select a website development company thinking that all they need to succeed is a great website. The truth is that building an Internet business, is just like building a brick and mortar one. Sure, opening a store in a great location will get your foot in the door. However, it is a far cry from everything that goes into starting a successful company.

Building an Internet based business is a daunting task, and the best way to get off the ground is to work side by side with a company that has deep experience in the space across all sectors.

Reason 3 – The Client is Always Right, Except When They Aren’t

Sometimes a client wants a website or an aspect of their businesses social media management, SEO,  or online marketing just the way they want it. Sometimes companies think there is nothing that can change their mind. As consultants, it is our job to change your mind if we think that you are wrong even if we have to bust our rear ends to convince you that is the case. If you are looking to build an Internet business, or expand your current business to reap the benefits of the Internet, spend the majority of your time vetting out the right company as opposed to strategizing.

When you find the right company, that company will tell you what the right strategy is. Your input will be noted, but no firm worth working for will value your input as highly as their own. That is because internet consultants know the best course of action, and it is your job as the client to help them learn about your industry in order to make the best Internet business based decisions as possible.

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On November 18, 2014

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