5 Ways To Spot A Dishonest Web Development Company

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Choosing a Company for Professional Web Development Services

The technology services industry, far more than other industries, is filled to the brim with dishonest “professionals”. Most people are completely unaware of the latest technological shifts as it relates to being successful on the Internet. It changes so fast, that unless you are truly a professional in the space, you really have no chance to carry a relevant conversation with someone who is.

Professional Web Development Companies understand this, and unfortunately we are seeing a recurring trend, where many companies are trying to take advantage of this knowledge gap.


5 Ways to Spot a Reputable Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, or Digital Marketing Company:

1) Choose a company, not an individual! Freelancers may or may not be cheaper, but understand that freelancers have a lot less to lose. Companies have a serious investment in their name, brand, and reputation, so they must provide quality work and a quality experience to achieve success.

2) The company you are vetting out to potentially enter into a contract with has a very impressive looking website themselves – aesthetically appealing, fast page loads, and findable on Google

3) Be able to verify the number of people working at the company. Typically the less people working at the company, the better chance you will not get a product that you are seeking. More people means more collective knowledge, skill set, man power, and people checking over the work.

4) The company should have a robust portfolio of work on their website. The work they present doesn’t necessarily have to resemble the type of work you are looking to do, because most companies with several people are capable of providing any type of website development project.

5) The people you are speaking with are in the United States. Yes, outsourcing Internet work to India is common trend that is taking hold. Maybe it costs 1/3 of the price of an American company. However, the American company that is reputable will likely get it right the first time, where as an outsourced company may take 4 – 5 iterations to get it right – which ends up costing more for re-working, new developers, and TIME!

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On August 6, 2014

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