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9.5 Tips To Enhance Your Email Marketing!

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9.5 Tips To Enhance Your Email Marketing!

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Jay Z Email Marketing

So… I hear you want to build your first Email Marketing Campaign!! Good news, allow me to re-introduce myself… My name is HOVAAA (Jay-Z Joke).

Email Marketing is an extremely effective way to reach a large number of your customers without paying a pretty penny! You can effectively send a message or an update to all your subscribers without breaking a sweat. Now here comes the tricky part… Obtaining these ever so sacred email addresses. The average person doesn’t just go around throwing their information out to strangers like its Mardi Gras!

Take a deep breath.. everything will be okay! You must first earn the trust and respect of your potential customer and keep them at the edge of their seats wanting to crawl back for more.

Wespotlight Email Marketing

With over 90% of potential customers checking their email multiple times a day, it is a no brainer for businesses of any magnitude to implement some form of Email Marketing. Whether you are trying to convey a specific company message, advertise a new service & product, or simply engage with your clientele, email marketing is the way to go.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! Below is a list of the Top 9.5 Marketing Tips to streamline your email campaigns:

1 – Construct Your Email List

The ability to grow and maintain your subscriber list should one of your main priorities when venturing off into the tricky world of marketing. Continually updating your email list with new and fresh subscribers is a great way to broaden the horizon of potential new & recurring customers for your business.

One of the most important ways to grow your email list is to make simplify everything! Easy to navigate websites with precise call to actions will increase your numbers. Having a popup on your website reading, “Subscribe” or a CTA in your header or footer have been proven successful in our tests. Keep the visitors at the edge of their seats wanting more!

2 – Research & Development (R&D)

Research! Research! Research! Now that you have acquired your email list and have set your overall goals for your email, what do you do next? Conducting research on your targeted demographic will help in every aspect of the email lifecycle. Knowing what your potential user likes, and trying to gather as much useful information will always benefit your Click Through rate. The trick is to ask yourself what the targeted audience ultimately wants. Do they want a discount or coupon code? Properly tailored emails and engaging content will drive more traffic to your website!

3 – Use Concise Literature

After you have selected the general layout of your email, the literature must be clear and concise. The reader should be able to know what is in the emails from the SUBJECT line alone. Once they open your email… “Fingers Crossed” you cant play any games. Every aspect of the content in your email must be expertly curated to keep the reader at the edge of their seats, or nowadays, feet.

4 -Persistent but not Overwhelming

Whenever designing an email it is important to have a consistent flow and feng shui. The location of photos, size of headers, length of the body paragraph, placement of CTA’s and footer must all work in unison together and maintain a consistent theme and overall goal. If you are able to do this correctly, the user will have the ultimately UX. (User Experience)

WeSpotlight Email Marketing 2

5 – A/B TEST!

With the ever-changing world and new technologies that didn’t exist the day before, you must always test and evolve. It is important to read up on email trends and what your competitors are doing. The trick is to take the best aspects of your adversary and construct the best email as humanly possible. You can play around with different subject lines and see what has the highest open rate. Below is a list of our most common A/B tests conducted at WeSpotlight.com:

Test Your Subject Lines

Design & Email Layout

Literature & Direction

CTA’s (Call To Actions)

Best Day & Time

Recurrence Of Template

6 – Social Media Campaign on Email Day

Social Media Campaigns are a fantastic way to reach thousands of people across any platform you launch it on. By simply launching a campaign the same day you release, you will increase the reach to a potential user in more than one place. You have your artillery, now USE IT! It’s the little tricks like this that will increase your conversions exponentially.

7 – Landing Pages // Enhance Landing Pages from Emails

Now that you have successfully sent out your first email, now what? When users click any CTA’s on your email they will be redirected to either a page on your website or one of your social media platforms. It is imperative that you optimize all of your landing pages to make the user experience prodigious and will convert on more transactions and fans.

It is important that your email call to actions re-direct the user to the correct page so you deliver them with what they expect. Don’t play any games and be very straight forward. You must have a clear and concise goal with every email, and the landing page must be set in place to convert on as many potential customers as possible.

In this day and age, users are 70% more likely to open your email on their mobile device or tables. It is critical to optimize your email for ALL MOBILE DEVICES to ensure the ultimate user experience. You don’t want to loose potentially users and we don’t want to see that happen to you!

8 – Inspire Social Sharing! Use More CTA’s (Call To Action)

Emails that include a CTA of your many social networks will always have a higher click through rate.. plain and simple. You have to engage the reader and create the most perfect user experience through simplicity and CTA’s. Every sm share you have will ultimately reach a greater amount of people and increase your chances of acquiring a new customer or fan.

9 – Send your emails from a REAL PERSON!! Not the company.

When you send an email from a real person, your email open rate increases exponentially — plain and simple. This is based on our experts conducting hundreds of tests and show that recipients will be more likely to open the email if it was from Ryan and not WeSpotlight.com.

9.5 – Just Kidding! There are only 9! Got Ya!

In all seriousness, we hope you enjoyed this Email Marketing blog brought to you by www.WeSpotlight.com!

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