The Era of “Search”: Getting Found on Google Matters

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Google is the force that allows us to consume massive amounts of information by connecting a human’s psychological needs with the source of it all, The Internet. At a cool and ever-expanding 400 billion dollar market cap, they are the largest tech giant to rule this world by creating something so incredibly colossal from an exceedingly simple concept: Instant Gratification. Just as anything in life, business and psychology go hand-in-hand, so in order for a business to achieve its maximum potential, it must use all of the beneficial resources that surrounds it…
Google provides businesses access to every human’s deepest wants, as well as the exact way in which they go about achieving this.
Although the answer may seem overly complicated and embedded only in the minds of the smartest technology gurus out there, the answer really is simple. If you think about how much knowledge you already know, how much you crave on a daily basis, how much you learn, and how much you will never ever know, it’s quite clear that Google has solved a very serious problem. The Internet is the map that allows for information sharing and Google is the connector that lets you search for the exact spot on the map (literally) that you need to find. By doing so, they have proven that extensive search capabilities and features allow for people to become much more involved with their local region as well as the entire world.
By realizing that Google allows the world to find everything, it is imperative to use their platform to move past your competitors and build your market share by reaching the people who are looking for you. You own a business right now, whether it is brand new or well-established, so there is clearly a reason why you are still functioning. This means that the problem, or what you are lacking, is not necessarily your product or your business model, but your online marketing strategies. Everyone is always saying, “I want people to find me.” “How do I get people to my website?” “How do I make money through the Internet?”.
Your image defines you, as well as your business. In today’s connected world, people automatically make judgments based on your Internet presence. Approximately 95% of people search the Internet before engaging with a local service. You are represented by your website and

Google’s constantly developing algorithms determine how relevant you are and whether or not your site is worth visiting. Do you have inbound links from other quality websites of higher PageRank?
Google is the almighty ruler of the Internet and you shall abide by its rules.

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On April 16, 2014

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