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Requirements Collection & Project Planning

Now that we fully understand the inner-workings of your business operations and your goals, WeSpotlight will recommend implementing a digital solution or a marketing setup plan to set the foundation for achieving a business goal. Collaboratively, we will determine which fruit is hanging the lowest and collect the requirements necessary to engineer a game plan. Project planning is completed once a deliverable schedule has been created for the executing WeSpotlight associate(s), and a roadmap is delivered to your organization.

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We are here to grow your business digitally in every capacity, and the process of stringing together successful engagements is crucial — so we are usually planning, optimizing and executing at the same time.

Execution & Digital Strategy Consulting

As your first setup project is being worked on by a WeSpotlight coder or marketing professional, your internet consultant will be making recommendations for how to leverage the setup project once delivered.


There are a wide range of projects that WeSpotlight might take on any first engagement, often times we will be retained to build or rebuild a website. Common discussions we have with clients during execution of a build are determining the best marketing channels to attack for customer acquisition, content management system training for website administrtors, product listing ads for ecommerce marketing clients, pay per click (ppc) strategy, social media strategy, SEO, Google Analytics implementation, and more — all services that WeSpotlight can consult on, assist with, or fully take on planning and execution.


Project Onboarding, Ongoing Support, & Management

Once your first set up project is delivered, we will provide you with the tools, training, and ongoing support you require to reap the most return on your investment as possible. Expanding a business digitally is an endeavor, and will require stringing together multiple successful collaborative engagements between us in order to reap the success you seek. The journey of digital success is a long and grueling one, make no mistake. But with our help, we will provide you with the tools, guidance, and resources you need to be a digital powerhouse regardless of your industry. Every client is a partner and we aim to be much more than just your digital agency.

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On January 20, 2014

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