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Improve Your Online Presence Through A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The topic of Internet relevancy continually gets brought to the forefront when trying to create a well-rounded Internet presence. We are always working with our clients to cultivate the best strategy for effectively reaching the precise demographic or niche that will most likely be interested in what each provides. Although many companies plan on changing the world and reaching all 7 billion humans on planet Earth, most companies are not built upon this intention of reaching the mass markets but rather to solve a specific issue for a specific niche, whether it’s based on age, gender, location, interest, industry, or necessity.

So in the year 2015, how is it even possible to become and remain relevant to your target market? If you’re reading this, there is a 99.99% chance that you know both Google and Facebook. These two companies are nose-deep in the business of providing real-world relevancy for each individual person so that they all desire and even become dependent on their service(s). Therefore, catering to all and providing the most seamless user experience is ultimately the most important aspect of their business model. Google uses dense, ever-changing algorithms to give the “searcher” exactly what he or she is looking for. If you couldn’t find what you’re looking for, you would never use their service.

Facebook also constantly changes their algorithms to make your newsfeed as useful and entertaining as possible, which many people feel they have been lacking on as of late. With the addition of promoted posts, company page posts, and friend posts, there is only so much room for Facebook to show you content that you actually want to read.

Considering that the Internet world is based on relevancy, and relevancy is built upon social & search, it is imperative to implement robust efforts in optimizing your Internet value.


Facebook’s recent algorithm changes at the end of 2013 have made company pages much less visible to their fans. In fact, a year ago a brand could expect to reach about 16 out of 100 fans, however larger brands should now expect to reach every 3 out of 100 fans. For smaller brands with a close-knit, loyal following, this number will be higher because of higher overall engagement. Many social media gurus are in awe over Facebook’s audacity to shift-from a user-centered platform to a paid-platform by virtually wiping away much of a company’s content value, regardless of its quality.

So why would anyone develop their Facebook presence when it is hard to reach even those who have already liked your page and have actually engaged with your content? Simply put, it’s the platform that your customers are constantly on and the most popular social media outlet in the world. Since people’s lives have become so intertwined with Facebook and since it is the ultimate goal of a company to become a staple in that person’s life, this is one of the best ways to put yourself in their eyes, for free and on a consistent basis.

There is also the question about the effectiveness of paid Facebook advertising. It seems like a simple answer to a complex problem. You pay for an advertisement, and then your ad appears in the people’s newsfeeds who match your demographic. This could be an effective tactic, however as an advertiser, you must ensure that you target a demographic that will actually care about what your business has to offer. If you are a niche company and you advertise to the whole country, all you are doing is diluting your fan base and severely damaging the engagement you will ever receive from your page. When you post on your Facebook page, Facebook determines how relevant that post is by a multitude of factors, including the views, likes, and comments it receives. It chooses certain people to show the post to who have already liked that page and then based on their engagement, it will or will not spread the post out to more people.

Lets face the facts though…Facebook is a public company and therefore they need to make money to keep their shareholders satisfied, but finding a balance between profit generation and user-experience has proven to be like walking on a tight-rope.

When people hear “SEO” they immediately think of getting to the first page of Google. But with only ten slots open for a massive amount of competition, how could this be possible? First of all…it pays to be good, and I mean really good. The most important thing about being good online is to actually be good in real life. You can’t fake results in the real world and if you don’t have a loyal and/or large fan/customer base in real life, the traffic to your site simply won’t be there. Strategic marketing efforts will play a huge role.

Second, using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is extremely important, as it gives you the average amount of searches per month for a specific term. When you build your keyword strategy, start with an overall plan consisting of 2-3 “short-tail” keywords, words that are probably highly competitive but best describe your business. From there, branch off and research the Google results for a large amount of “long-tail” variation keywords that are less competitive simply because the chances someone searches for that exact term is lower. A lot of these terms combined will allow you to rise up higher in the rankings as well as actually find the people who are trying to find you already.

On that note, let me bring up an awesome feature of Google Webmaster Tools: Search Queries. You can see what searches people make that lead to an “impression”, simply meaning that they see your search engine result on their screen. If they click into your website through that keyword, we can deduce that people consider you a relevant resource for what they are searching for. The better the impression to click ratio, the more you should consider optimizing your website for that term.

Another free tool that we like to use for keyword research is, which gives some good insight about the scope of the keyword across competitor websites. After inputting the keyword, the website basically performs a niche evaluation to help develop a comprehensive set of highly relevant keyword suggestions to create and improve your message.

WeSpotlight loves working with talented people. If you’re looking to establish and execute a well developed, thorough, and scalable marketing strategy, we would love to meet you to speak about how we can help grow your business.

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