Should You Build Your Own Website?

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Hiring Professional Web Developers Vs. Do It Yourself Web Builder

The arrival of sophisticated software like Wix has given people with no prior programming knowledge the ability to create a brand new website in under an hour. Many believe that professional web development services have become obsolete due to the arrival of such technology. This assertion brings to light the following question: Just because you can do something, should you do it?
Let’s paint a more extreme picture; if someone told me I can assemble the oxygen connection device that allows me to breathe while scuba diving, would I do it? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of me building my own oxygen connection device: Pros:

  • I can save a few bucks
  • I can brag to my scuba buddies that I ‘did-it-myself’
  • I will feel a sense of ownership that I built it, and not someone else


  • the chances that I built this device perfectly for the first time is basically zero percent, because I am not an engineer
  • if my device isn’t working perfectly when I am 60 feet underwater, I will probably die a horrible death
  • If I die a horrible death scuba diving, I will probably get eaten by a huge shark

I do not want to get eaten by a huge shark, so I will let a professional build my oxygen connection device professional web design services


Is this a silly dramatization? Of course it is, but the relevance holds if you are building a website for your own small business.

Today more than ever, the value of a virtual presence is high and growing for small business owners and startups. Most would agree on this. Given that this is the case, why would anybody try to skimp on building a virtual presence to save a few bucks? Wouldn’t it make sense to allocate even more investment dollars to this area?   The uninformed subscriber of Wix-like services does not understand what makes a website valuable.

3 Reasons To Go With a Pro

  1. Uniqueness – how unique can your website be if you make it on a cookie-cutter program? Sure you can choose from many different themes, but in the end, any web-applications that serve to differentiate your website will be exactly the same as any other person using that program. Professional web developers therefore provide differentiation.
  2. Design – how good can your design be using a cookie-cutter program? Pretty good, but it won’t stand out. Why? It won’t stand out because the same design is available to anyone using the program. A professional internet services firm can once again, help you differentiate your business.
  3. General Importance of Virtual Presence – as with everything with life, you end up getting what you pay for. Most people can agree that virtual presences are only becoming more relevant and important, especially for small businesses. Why would anybody want to skimp on an investment that will only be increasing in importance? A website can make or break a professional image, a sale conversion, or a client acquisition. Just like faulty scuba equipment can drown you, so can a do-it-yourself website.

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On October 27, 2015

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