Top 5 Social Media Management Platforms

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Top 5 Social Media Management Platforms

Social Media Management refers to software designed for marketing departments and organizations to publish to social media platforms.

Trying to sift your way through each and every one of your social media accounts can be complex, tedious & overwhelming. There’s not enough time within the day to successfully tweet, like, favorite, retweet and post your content across the legion of social media platforms.

Just thinking of this arduous work can easily give you a migraine.

GOOD NEWS! We live in a time where engineers and developers are working as an inseparable unit to birth the quintessential social media management system. There are hundreds of platforms that promise to optimize and simplify your experience through the ever-growing social hive.

Without further adieu, here are the top FIVE Social Media Management tools to streamline your journey through the social universe!

#5 – Buffer


Buffer shares your curated content at the best possible times throughout the day so your followers and fans see your updates more often and don’t get lost in the masses. Buffer is a potent yet simple platform with the ability to share media through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other major platforms. It’s especially helpful for boutique businesses that don’t have the time or manpower to overhaul their SM channels regularly, yet still want their voice to be heard in the “social hive”. With Buffer, your team can schedule multiple posts to publish in the future. Buffer also comes with an abundant amount of extensions through Chrome, Safari and FireFox.

#4 – Spredfast


Spredfast is a SMM system constructed to help companies succeed in the social hive. The Spredfast platform is a conjoined application for companies to monitor, manage and measure (The 3 M’s) their social media accounts. Spreadfast effortlessly allows team members to communicate and modify scheduled posts to streamline the process. Their platform integrates with all the major SM websites to publish and engage with the their audience

#3 – SproutSocial

Sprout Social

Sproutsocial is a powerhouse of a SMM platform for boutique business. They offer a single stream dashboard depicting all your information and accounts are right at your fingertips. Sproutsocial also has analytics and helpful monitoring tools to simplify your data for analysis.

#2 – IFTTT


IFTTT is a another powerhouse website that can save you hours managing all your social media accounts through personally curated recipes. One can essentially connect any major social network by simply entering a recipe (IF New Instagram Post THAN Post On Facebook) and entering the specific trigger. You can receive an email every time someone goes to a specific page on your website or simply share your Instagram photo across all platforms. It’s magic… I swear. The best part, it works smoothly with Hootsuite and essentially enhances their features even further than you can ever imagine! IFTTT has thousands of recipes to choose from to ultimately save you hours switching back and forth between accounts.

#1 – Hootsuite


HootSuite is the Alpha Dog of the pack and cannot be touched… at the current moment. They are the most popular platform for boutique business to mega house Fortune 500 companies to manage, monitor and measure (Three M’s 😉 ) all your accounts. They have crafted a quintessential tool to simplify an ever-growing complicated mixture of the Social Hive. Teams can easily publish and edit content, share ideas and review custom curated reports to optimize all aspects of your business. They offer offer a free, pro and enterprise package for you to choose from depending on the size and number of accounts/users you have. I would give Hootsuite a 9/10 on our Wespotlight scale!

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On February 4, 2016

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