Top 7 Reasons to Retain an Internet Consultant

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The Rise of The Internet Consulting Firm

Unbeknownst to many, the Internet is still in the early to middle innings of global relevance. The biggest opportunities today are represented by Asia and parts of the Middle East, where many people do not have access to hardware, WiFi, and other necessary infrastructure. However, companies like Ubiquiti Networks are changing the game for emerging economies, and sooner rather than later, every person in the world who wants access to the Internet will have it.

Internet Consultants see the future of the Internet similar to the way that real estate in NYC was perceived in the 1960s. When the masses thought that the value of the real estate just couldn’t go any higher, there was a tremendous second and third wave that swiftly came through. The relevance, and growth in Internet monetization is analogous to this real estate example, and retaining an expert in the field will become increasingly valuable throughout the Information Age. As a result, Internet consulting services are becoming ever more valuable.

7 Reasons to Retain an Internet Consultant — Internet Consulting Firm

  1. Trends show that Internet spend and value delivered by the Internet will increase over 10-fold in the near term
  2. The proliferation of mobile technology while traditional web traffic is still so relevant poses an element of complexity
  3. Forecasts suggest that the real exponential growth is imminent
  4. Surviving as a business in the Information Age will require the assistance of people who know how to navigate it to provide a competitive advantage
  5. The proliferation of social networks has changed the face of advertising
  6. The more complex a system gets (like the Internet) the more problems that can occur. Retaining a consultant de-risks an organizations digital goals
  7. The most important business decisions are critical issues, with deadlines that are far in the future or without deadline. Creating a digital strategy is clearly part of this decision subset, and is one reason why the forecasts in this graphic are as such regarding Internet spend

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On September 2, 2014

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